Thursday, 8 October 2015

Derby Arms, Yorkshire - most excellent loos

This rather fine bathroom was waiting for me at a recent trip to a good countryside pub - the Derby Arms in Yorkshire, UK. Now I'm not usually one for the fancy above-board sink bowls, thinking of it as something of a fashion fad, but here they worked really well. The round shape was lovely - like an eyeball, revealing the warm wood below with taps which extended beautifully into the very centre of the bowl with an elegant tactile leaver. A win all round.

Even the urinals were elegant and properly laid out, just enough space (nobody likes an overcrowded urinal block) and a proper separator / privacy screen. The floor, in rough poured concrete, countered the elegant curves very well.

An elegant sink - ceramic in marble cutout

I liked this sink, it had a very nice feel with the ceramic bowl apparently exposed by the cavity within the sheet black marble surface. There is a bit of theatre about it, but it works. The tap extended far enough into the bowl to be useful for washing your hands although I didn't appreciate the off centre IR controller. No plug either, but acceptable in a public washroom.